Dry Erase Supplies

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Dry Erase Supply Holder - $15.95
Dry Erase Kit - $18.95
Dry Erase Kit W/Holder - $31.95

Floor Plan & Shift Reminder Board

9" H X 16" W Dry-erase Board with an 8.5" H X 11" W document holder for floor plans that can be marked up with a dry-erase marker for shift planning.
Useful area to note Reminders on the side.

Training Schedule Board

24"H x 36"W Dry-erase Training Schedule Comm Board, on plastic.
Ships with foam tape on the back, ready to mount on any flat surface.

Message Board

9"H x 16"W Dry Erase sign to communicate any message you wish to your team.
Comes with a convenient 3.5" H X 4" W plastic pocket attached to store dry-erase markers and an eraser.

Ticket Time Goal Sign

6"H x 16"W Dry Erase sign to communicate results to your team. Rounded corners, foam tape backing, ready to apply to any clean flat service.

Food Safety

20"H x 20"W Red PVC board with 2 portrait PageArmor page holders with a break-resistant bend.
Use this Communication Board to post the latest food safety information.

Information Wall

40"H x 24"W wall board with 6 PageArmor page holders (4 portrait & 2 landscape) with a break-resistant bend
Use this board in the kitchen area to keep all team-members up to date.

Menu Changes Comm Board

37"H x 24"W wall board with PageArmor page holders.
Use this board in the kitchen area as a ready reference for all new menu items.

Cleaning Duties

A Dry Erase Communication Board 17"H 24" in calendar form.
Keep up with all cleaning assignments.

Permit & License Display Board

Every restaurant is required to display various licenses, permits, and in many locations, inspection reports & scores.