Face Shield

This adjustable Face Shield has a number of advantages:

  • Better Communication. Facial expressions can be seen with no muffled sound.
  • Comfortable. Easier to breath and will not fog up glasses. 
  • Shields mouth, nose, and eyes. No need to touch your face to adjust.
  • Simple to use. Easy to clean and is reusable. Can be raised without being removed. 
  • Available with or without your logo on them!

If you choose to have your logo printed on the shield, please email the artwork in pdf, jpeg, png or eps form to info@alcoproducts.com with your order # noted in the email.

*At this time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved any type of surgical mask or face shields specifically for protection against the coronavirus.

*These face shields may provide some level of virus protection, but are not rated to protect from impact of objects or debris.  


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