Mask Required To Enter Decal

11" H X 8.5" W Face Mask Required To Enter Decal.
Printed on durable vinyl and fully laminated.

Handwash Sink Only

3" H x 5" W SuperStick decal to clearly designate a sink which is to be used for handwashing only. Large, clear graphic - with bilingual labeling

Handwashing Procedures Decal

3.5" x 5.25" Bi-Lingual Handwashing Procedures Decal. Explains the standard procedure and outlines when employees are required to wash their hands. Bottom line is a reminder to "Wash hands every 30 minutes"

Employees Must Wash Hands Decal

4" H x 6.7" W SuperStick decal to remind employees that:
Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work.

Food Storage Hierarchy Chart

10" H X 7.5" W decal, showing the proper storage of various types of food.
Color-coded icons help distinguish between food types.

Place Sanitizer Bucket Here

3" x 6" decal to designate the place for the Sanitizer Bucket.
Text in English and in Spanish.
Printed on Alco SuperStick for a longer lasting decal.

Jigger Labels

Help your bartenders eliminate mispours. These six labels are color-coded and printed with the fl oz size for each end of the small and large pouring jiggers. Improves speed & accuracy for your bartender.